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  Qivana Qore and Metaboliq  


Reset and Recharge Your Metabolism Naturally

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Why is a pumpkin farm a distributor selling a system to 'Reset and Recharge your Metabolism'? Besides it’s a great program based on sound science, the Qore Essentials main ingredient 'immorality herb' is actually a wild member of the pumpkin family that grows in Asia.

Ann Marie Heizmann (Meade)
Your local Qivana Distributor


The Metaboliq System can be used for weight loss, however,  I use the system to eat healthy on the go. After being run down from skipping meals and not eating right, my friend Dr. Michelle (Shellie) DeFelice Hucke got me hooked on the Metaboliq System. She became hooked after having twins. Now I start the day with a natural perfectly balanced shake that has a patented time release formula preventing the sugar spike and the mid-morning crash. As you use the Qore and Metaboliq Systems, you find cravings for many unhealthy choices just go away and your energy level returns.

For those of us who tend to the nerdy side, these products are truly amazing, they are based on sound science - peer reviewed research studies that were published in scientific journals. The results of these studies were used to formulate the all natural products. Then actual human trials were done to fully test the products before releasing them to the public. Now you can benefit from their research! Click on the learn more link to go my Qivana website for additional information or to purchase your Qivana products.

Please contact Ann directly for samples and information including 1-week trial kits. When you commit to 90-days, receive Dr. Layman's book the METABOLIQ Lifestyle as your FREE gift. The book will show you how to change your life for life long results. Email Ann or call  315-568-2379.

Dr Michelle

My friend, Dr. Michelle DeFelice
Formerly of Geneva Dr. Michelle introduced me to Qivana

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Metaboliq Lifestyle Book by Dr. Lyman
Metaboliq Lifestyle Book by Dr. Lyman
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One of the greatest things about the Metaboliq Lifestyle is you can do it with the foods you eat now. While the Metaboliq System makes it easy, it is not necessary. In the Metaboliq Lifestyle book, Dr. Lyman explains what the extensive research has found about eating healthy and shows you how to do it on your own. A must read!

Learn about the power of pumpkins, "The Immortality Herb" by Dr. Marcus Laux ND explains the research and benefits of The Immortality Herb also known as the King's Crown or as we like to know it, a relative of our pumpkins.

Listen to how Qivana changed Susan's life:

My Qivana experience began with great trepidation. I had forever at least 10 lbs of excess weight that I just couldn’t drop.   But I also had a not so secret passion for “comfort foods”with cheesecake at the top of the list followed by luscious grease dripping fast-food burgers and milk shakes. Quickly approaching my 70s, I felt I deserved these luxuries. Would I really have to give up these dear friends?!


So one day after complaining about my lack of a waistline, my daughter plunked a pile of Qivana product in my arms as she took off for vacation and my new life began. I started by taking one boost tablet a half hour before drinking a shake each morning and then a half metaboliq bar a little later in the day. For my one meal in early evening I ate a nice salad complete with my favorite gorgonzola cheese crumbles. After only one week, I noticed a truly amazing difference in myself on many levels. I felt energetic, happy and proud, but amazingly enough NOT hungry! I was almost alarmed by the fact that I really didn’t want those comfort foods that I felt I deserved to have. Who was this new person?


Now after almost three months on my Qivana plan I have lost close to 10 lbs and I continue to feel perfectly happy with my healthy diet and no sweets (except for my AM coffee with almond creamer!). In short, I have become the dreaded “food snob”! I’ve lost weight in places I didn’t know I was fat! Gone is that disgusting back fat that used to pour over and under my bra causing all kinds of ripples and folds no matter how big a top I was wearing!! That’s the same fat I always was trying to tuck into the top of my bathing suit. And I don’t have to use my blue jeans as a girdle anymore either!


Last, but certainly not least, my physician was becoming concerned with my cholesterol levels and was considering increasing my medication after having decreased it several years ago. guessed my last follow up appointment with blood work, my cholesterol levels were A+ and no need to increase my meds! I am looking forward to getting rid of them all together!!


So, I have 5 more pounds to loose to reach my goal and of course I will. Maybe I’ll even find that elusive waistline I’ve been missing for so many years. Yippee....what a trip! Thank you Qivana (and my daughter too, of course!). 

Sincerely, Susan Hough

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